Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nathan reaches Exactechpur

The ordeal just doesn’t end here. Nathan was supposed to get a formal offer letter from the HR after the email acceptance of the email offer letter from ABC. He got the formal offer letter from the HR and sent the soft copies of the relevant documents and thought it was easy now, that his job is done. The HR has to get back to him with Visa formalities and get it going further.

Nathan waited for another week to seek HR’s confirmation on the Visa and eventually learnt that the HR has gone for a vacation and hence, the process is stuck. Nathan thought, is this so person dependent that if he is out on leave, things can’t move further. The frustration in him compounded, when he thought, if the HR knew he was going on leave, he could have initiated the process before leaving and things like that.

He tried contacting ABC and ABC promptly replied that he will check and revert. After 2 days, ABC replied saying that the HR will get back to you ASAP. Nathan thought, again ASAP? What can we do about it? Probably nothing and given that he needed this job all the more, he shouldn’t be doing anything untoward either too.

After another week, the HR did reply with the Visa formalities and got it sorted out, much to Nathan’s relief. Well after another week, with much anxiety and non-clarity on the process from the HR, he finally got the Visa. It was as if, Nathan had gotten wings to fly. He quickly imagined, how it would all be in a foreign land and how things would change for him for good (hopefully!).

The day came; he flew to Exactechpur and reached the company Guest House in the morning. A gentleman called Rocky opens the door and shows him the available room. Nathan gets into the room, relaxes a bit and falls asleep, after a tiring overnight journey.

Even though, a thousand thoughts went through his mind, as he lay in that guest house room, a sense of relaxation and accomplishment was there to be seen.  Little aware of the life that was ahead of him. A life he would hate to love and love to hate. The new job though decently paying was going to be taxing, more emotionally than physically.

In the evening Nathan went out and roamed a bit and met a couple of old friends. All the time, he just prayed that the decision he has taken proves to be good. He had decided to leave his family, his homeland and come to an alien land, on a completely new role. And then the friends talked about the role and gave him a bit of sense on the same. There were many questions which rose in Nathan’s mind; however, he had no choice but to wait and experience them to get the answers, which seemed elusive for now.

He knew he had taken a decision thinking and believing it to prove good. How it eventually pans out, is his luck and destiny. Deep down is heart he knew, even if he had to struggle, he would eventually come out stronger and a learned individual. He suddenly turned philosophical, thinking, had anyone known that the decision he is going to take will prove to be wrong, then why would one take that decision? And he calmed down and accepted that he will take the things as they come. And thanked God for helping him come thus far.

With this hope and new vigour he slept for the new journey that starts the next day.


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