Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looking Around...Another Important Learning

Nathan starts discussing few more opportunities with his friends of network again. And soon, a friend of his, Sam, discusses with him a new business development opportunity with a much bigger company and that too based out of Exactechpur – a foreign land. He got excited with the lure of working in Exactechpur and earning good money.
And then started another bout of anxiety. Sam shared Nathan’s profile and resume with a gentleman called ABC. Mr ABC thanked Sam for sharing the profile and promised to revert ASAP.

This ASAP gives us the flexibility we desire J No fixed schedule & no ETA. Say ASAP and take it easy. If anyone follows up, you can continue taking refuge under ASAP J

Well, this time, ASAP came the reply. After 2 weeks, Mr ABC called up Nathan directly on his hand phone and wanted to speak (read interview) to him. Nathan was taken by surprise, given the fact that it’s been some time and he had mentally agreed that it was not to be. Nevertheless, he requested for a call after 1 hour, reasoning, he is outside somewhere and it would take him sometime to reach home, where they can talk peacefully (Though, in actuality, Nathan wanted some time off to prepare for this interviewJ). Mr ABC, shot back saying, this is the second time he has called in past 30 mins and it would be good to talk now. Nathan accepting this and considering this as his last chance for this opportunity had no choice but to relent and start the discussion.

The interview started as usual with – Tell me about yourself, easing Nathan into his stride. The discussion, eventually moved towards why us, and why Exactechpur? Wow, this again proved to be an easy draw for Nathan, as he had already thought out answers to these. Moving towards the role being offered and Nathan’s lack of experience in this, he advised of his past challenges and how he overcame everything that new challenges had put across him. Rounding up the discussion with we shall get back to you soon, Mr ABC promised to consider Nathan for this role.

Another 2 weeks has gone past, Nathan had gotten anxious of the response. He even, contacted Sam, checking if he would know anything on his application. Sam didn’t know anything on the status of Nathan’s application, however, he did promise to check and revert ASAP. Again ASAP?? Huh!!

Another 2 days and Nathan received an email from Sam saying that Mr ABC has promised to call Nathan today and respond to his application. Finally, Nathan also received an email from Mr ABC, promising to call him in the evening today. The evening went past and Nathan didn’t venture out, expecting a call from ABC. The whole evening went past and the call didn’t comeL. Everyone in the know started checking on him and he had nothing to say, except that he is yet to receive the call. So much so he is an optimist, Nathan was disheartened at not receiving the call. However, he still knew that till the time it is not No, he still has a chance. His belief in himself was pushing him to remain positive...he was learning to remain calm and patience.

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