Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun starts at Exactechpur

Nathan reaches his new office in the morning by 9 AM. He sees the CEO at the gate, pacing around the lobby. He doesn’t understand what’s going on...thinks he might be expecting someone that’s why he looks so anxious. Then a thought comes to Nathan, why the CEO has to pace around like this and look so terribly out of place. He is the CEO; he can just sit in the comforts of his room, relax and wait.

Nathan just goes and settles himself at his desk. As his place was right at the centre of the office, near the main entrance, he can see everything easily J Its 9.15 AM in the morning and the CEO goes back to his room. Nathan thinks who came that he went inside? Who was he waiting for? Did I miss someone? He even stands up and sees, did he really miss someone J

Besides Nathan, Jack was sitting unperturbed by the happenings around him. He was seemingly at ease with Nathan’s anxiety and there was a slight smile on this face. He understood what was going on in Nathan’s mind. Probably he knew this was expected from any new joinee in the office. Seeing all this, Jack told Nathan; don’t be surprised at what you just saw. This is a usual thing here. Nathan said “What? What does that mean?” Jack replied saying; you remember the company policy on turning up late to office. Nathan replied – “Yes. One has to reach office latest by 9.10 AM or else there would be a salary cut by the minutes, for the time you are late. Then?” Jack said, “Then nothing. The CEO was pacing around to notice who all were late to office and then call them to his room for an explanation, which was more of a reprimand than anything else. This would happen regularly to earmark the term offenders”. Nathan was taken by surprise at the way things were handled in his new office. However, he just smiled and sat down.

For next 2 months, Nathan was still under training. And as days went by, he would make sure he would reach office by 9 AM and leave by 6.15 PM. As there was nothing much for him to do, except the usual trainings and internal presentations, this was easy for him.

This was really easy till one day, he was taken to task for this too. ABC would come to his desk and talk for a while and he suddenly said, “You haven’t shaved today, right?”It was visible, so Nathan couldn’t lie. ABC replied, “You Shit daily? Yes or No?” Nathan replied, “Yes”. ABC continued, “Always remember “3 S” in the morning – Shit, Shampoo & Shave. You just can’t forget them”. Nathan was like – Yes, for sure. ABC continued, “You seem like a 9-6 guy, it won’t work in sales. You have to slog in sales and only then it can happen. It seems you haven’t been able to manage the time lag b/w India and Exactechpur. The jet lag is still not over. You need to come out of this” Nathan replied, “I am into trainings and as my trainers leave, I have nothing much to do, I leave too. Once work comes in, I will put in extra efforts”. But nothing doing, ABC won’t listen to anything. He went away saying, “I don’t like this”. The old adage came running into Nathan’s mind – Boss is always right! And he decided to sit in the office till 7 PM, doing nothing, but surfing and browsing internet J [Given that the Boss is always right, you have the moral and unofficial responsibility to keep him happy too J]

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