Monday, September 24, 2012

As the Earth swings, Nathan starts a new journey...

So our man Nathan reaches his new sprawling office in the CBD of Exactechpur. The office looks wow, at the penthouse level of a skyscraper. He presses the door bell and gets in and waits at the reception.

The HR comes in, welcomes Nathan and zooms with him into a big board room, without anyone really noticing what was happening around them. All this looked like some covert operation, a new employee to join without anyone’s notice. Then the HR started off, briefing on the structure in the office, Nathan’s reporting manager, team, processes and the likes.

As the discussion between the HR and Nathan happened, there were some aftershocks from the last evening’s earthquake. Sitting in the board room of the pent house level of a 50 storey building, Nathan could experience the movements and could very well see the opposite skyscraper swinging. It was indeed a unique experience and he thought he would never forget this joining ever. They quickly finished the joining formalities and the HR brought Nathan out and showed him his desk and went away.

Nathan sat idle and waited for the other formalities to happen – introductions, employee id, email id, system, etc. Nathan was so eager to meet ABC that he waited for a while and asked the HR, if he can go and see ABC. The HR was a bit taken by surprise by the ease with which Nathan asked to meet ABC. And this was easily visible to Nathan. Nathan still went ahead and kind of pushed the HR to bring him to ABC. They stood outside ABC’s room and knocked.

They both went in and ABC happily said, “Ah! So you are Nathan...good to see you here...Welcome aboard! I hope all the formalities are done...”As soon as the HR and Nathan nodded, ABC replied, okay good, let me see you later today. And Nathan’s all excitement to meet ABC and talk to him got killed.

He came out and sat at his desk, having nothing much to do, other than open web email on the system kept at his desk and may be explore the same system a bit. A gentleman called Shanty gets up from the desk behind Nathan and says “New joinee...welcome!” For a moment Nathan was completely shut, as after his graduation ragging days, he hadn’t heard this word. Not for the past 8-9 years. He thought has he joined a school? Or a professional organisation?

A lot was going in Nathan’s mind, when a guy sitting beside him, stood up and asked – have you just joined? With Nathan’s response in the affirmative, he asked Nathan to join him for lunch. Nathan just realised that the first half was already gone and it was time for lunch. They both came out and the new guy introduced himself as Jack.

Jack quickly rounded up on the ways of the office and the people there. It seemed Jack has learnt a lot for his 2 months in the organization. They both got together well and discussed a lot and learnt that they both shared passion for food J Though both are not big eaters, but they enjoy good food alike.

It was almost 1 hour since Nathan and Jack left office for lunch and Jack reminded to rush, else they might be reprimanded for being late from lunch. Nathan thought, what is this? Are we supposed to behave and work like this daily? He thought, let’s see how it goes and rushed to office.

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Anonymous said...

Then what Nathan has experienced ?? Finish lunch with in Recess time LOL :-):-) ... Too good work culture @ Exactechpur ;-)