Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Beginning...Foundation is laid..

Nathan is just passed out of a prestigious MBA school, looking all around for a job. Looking for a job amid recession, gloom all around? Sounds outrageous?? Well may be, however, for thousands like him, it was a dream to get a MBA degree, earn good friends (or network, if I am allowed call it) and a handsome salary. With the degree, in fact, he got an icing on the cake – a Gold Medal for his performance during the program, he could also build a good network of friends. However, the most prized possession – a job (leave alone a decently paying one) still eluded him.

He tried hard, so much that he dug into his network of friends, here and there but to no avail. He even discussed with his current gala of friends from MBA, thinking someone might have 2 jobs somewhere and can fit him in too J However, as expected, nothing came out. He even spoke to his previous employers; they agreed to hire him back, albeit at the old role and salary. Though, this gave Nathan the confidence that he has something on the plate and can join them back, he still decided to give it a try for another 6 months and then get back to his previous role, may be, if needed.

So much gloom all around, everyone from the MBA gang struggling to get a job, however, our man, Nathan was still optimistic. He never lost heart and always believed that a good job was lying somewhere near. He just has to struggle a bit to get there.

Then comes an email from a friend – connecting Nathan to someone called Tom. Tom is looking to start his own company and is looking for a Business Development guy for that startup of his. Tom writes to Nathan, looking for his reasons to join a startup and how best he can add value to his niche & small company.
Nathan got all the more confident, happy at his belief in himself being proven right and thinking that he is eventually near his first job after MBA. He wrote to Tom, thanking him for considering him for this position. And of course, giving his reasons to join a startup, etc, etc. (Was there any reason, other than getting a job at that moment?)

After getting a response back from Tom, Nathan decided to meet Tom soon at his place and discuss his employment.

Nathan meets Tom at his place and they finally agree on the marketing-cum-business development role for Nathan. Nathan also agrees considering that he was given the luxury to work from home and foremost, he got a job (albeit a low profile and low paying one), but at least a job in such a bad corporate and job environment, where even the graduates from the top rung b-schools were struggling.

Nathan works hard, tries hard to learn the nuances of business development, noting that this space is completely new to him and he will have to learn a lot and put in extra efforts.

As time goes by, he learns that his current employer is not able to pay him, though; he has been working for him for a few months now. To make matters difficult, he has an impending education loan which would spread its EMI pangs anytime soon.

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guys...you will soon get to learn what happened next...till that time...enjoy with this :)