Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love thy Cricket

I am back to writing...and the tribute goes to the latest addition to my friend's list :)

With the latest report of Suresh Raina being implicated in meeting some illegal bookie's accomplice during the last Indian tour to Sri Lanka...I thought why not touch upon this very complicated yet serious issue
I totally agree that any player who fixes a match or a few actions of his during any match should be dealt with seriously... but having said doesn’t mean that any player who meets someone who accidently happens to be in some way linked to some illegal bookie is a match fixer

But all this presents a curious case for all of us…if we really don’t take every action with a pinch of salt then how do we act to maintain the sanctity of the game, which we all love to the level of madness!! This is what makes it complicated. Where do we draw the line between personal and professional?

I think this is where ICC and the cricket boards have to come together and pass a strict message in a coherent voice that they all are on a same page on this and will act on it with all truthfulness and sincerity. After all, they all owe a great deal to the spectators and cricket lovers across the world!!

The message has to come across swiftly and clearly to the players as to what all expect from them and how can the boards and ICC and ACSU can do to fix the rut. There should be sessions on ACSU and its activities and actions should be made as transparent as possible. Players on their part should know that this is all for the game, to regain the faith of the fans and to make things clear to everyone.

The governments across the world should also come forward to share any such information which might eventually help all of us in our fight against the menace. Everyone should agree that this is not making some news public for the heck of it and hence defaming the game we all love. Rather, it is being transparent in the best manner possible and being open to everything and anything and telling our fans across the world that we care for you and the game. Because it is the fans who make or mar any sport or art.

The players have the greatest role to play. They have to act responsibly and understand in no clear terms that it is the fans who make them icons and celebrities. If the fans loose interest in the game, they might loose their any status overnight and our beloved game may loose ground too. They have to believe that being in the game and playing for the country is the best thing to happen to them and they can earn much more being in the game for long than earning those peanuts for some irresponsible action. I don’t have to quote any examples to give proof to this theory. I am sure they understand that ICC, ACSU and their local cricket body will be keeping a close tab on each one of them. Hence, they have to take it easy and act responsibly. At the end of the day, the onus of all this, is on the players.

And not to forget the fans, who can take any sport to dizzying heights. Even they have a role to play; they should not loose faith on the basis of any lone freaking news or incident. They should realise that every stakeholder is doing its bit to fix this problem and hence they have to just maintain their calm.

I know this great game of cricket will overcome these hard days soon and we will rock again and take it to greater heights. Just that we need to be realistic and remain calm. Love thy Cricket!!