Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life Turns a corner...

Nathan finally received a call from ABC, with him started off with the customary chit chat. How have you been and the likes? Nathan thought, how would he be? Well, very anxious and hopeful things would turn good for him finally.

With his heart beat stronger and louder, Nathan listened to what ABC had to say. ABC continued telling that this role is a regional sales role, you haven’t done any selling. You don’t have any experience in BD and things like that. However, I consider you have that in you to work hard and prove to be good in this. This is a completely new domain for you and a new business function. We would be teaching you, training you on the products and services of the company that you have to sell. We would be doing a lot of expenditure in training you. Exactechpur is not easy place to work, the competition is high, and it would be tough to sell too. By the time, Nathan heard all this, he was excited and he knew sooner or later, ABC is going to confirm his appointment in Exactechpur for this role. His heart starting pounding all the more.

Meanwhile, all this was going in Nathan’s head, ABC quickly shifted track and raised a question – Are you up for all this? And pat came Nathan’s reply – Yes. ABC said, Nathan, please consider this, think again and then revert. Nathan said, I have already thought of all this and then only I attended the interview and followed up J I am ready to take the challenge and am confident that I will make it happen.

ABC then said; it’s good to hear this. I will now send you an informal offer on the email. Go through it and send me your email approval. Once you do that, I will get the HR to send you the formal offer letter.

Hearing this, Nathan thanked ABC at least 5 times. Thanking ABC not just for considering him for the role, but considering him for the role in Exactechpur and at this juncture of time in his life, when he needed a good paying job. With an education loan and other impending family commitments, he needed this job more than anything else.

Nathan was so excited that he just put down the phone and went straight to his mom and lifted her in joy. Seeing the happiness and excitement, she knew what did this mean and asked, what happened? Did you get that job? And Nathan had just to say – Yes, Yes, Yes. He then thanked God and informed his dad and others in the family.

He waited for the offer on the email. He expected it to come that day. He waited, checked his emails almost every minute expecting the email from ABC. The email didn’t come that day. The whole night went off in anxiety and sleeplessness thinking when the email will come and he can finally see the offer being made to him.  Has ABC changed his mind? Has he forgotten? Was he still deliberating on the offer? Or he simply too busy to write to him today, will do that ASAP? His mind was clogged with thousand thoughts.

The life did turn a corner for Nathan, when the email from ABC finally came by the end of the next day. And Nathan had a sigh of relief. ABC Thanked Nathan for attending the interview and finally offered him a decent salary, going by the market standards during the “great recession” of that year. He was so excited to see the offer that he quickly wrote back to ABC, thanking him for his consideration and the offer.

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Good one :) Waiting for next phase :):)