Friday, October 5, 2012

Nathan gets his first sales meeting...

Soon Nathan was learning the ways of life as a BDM. He was yearning to live it all by himself. Meanwhile, his working equation with Shanty was going bad day by day. It went bad to worse, when once day ABC called him along with Shanty and asked Shanty about Nathan’s performance so far. And Shanty started as if the volcano was about to burst. It continued for a few minutes and came to Nathan to answer all the allegations of not working enough. 

Poor Nathan had nothing to say to claim back upon. Poor guy hadn’t noted down anything about his work thinking the managers save your skin, if you work hard and keep them in loop. However, he didn’t know, he was in a completely different environment, where, animal eats animal was the mantra. Shanty had whitewashed so well that whatever Nathan said, was falling on deaf ears. He had no choice but to meekly accept this, knowing the fact that at that moment, he needed a job more than anything else. 

Nathan did work hard and eventually started speaking to ABC more and discussing with him more. He was given a portfolio of products to sell and a market closer home. Though a new market for Nathan, however, the prospect of working and opening a new market for those products egged him to accept the challenge.

He started diligently preparing a database of his targets and relevant stakeholders there. He would cold call them all, one by one and continued doing so for a week, when eventually, he understood the nuances of cold calling and fine tuned his script to a level that made so much sense that he felt elated at the final result. However, as they say, proof of the pudding is in the eating – he wanted to test his latest script and was longing for success. He finally succeeded and was able to get 3 appointments out of the 10 targets. 

He was so happy that he quickly went to ABC and informed him of the meetings arranged next week. He wanted to travel and requested for the same. Immediately, his travel was approved and ABC guided him through the travel process in the company. 

Meanwhile, Shanty sounded a bit jealous of Nathan’s ability to cold call and get through meetings. He tried stalling his travel, asking Nathan to postpone the meetings, as he would to accompany him for the meetings and he couldn’t travel on the said dates. Nathan knew nothing of the sort, he told that after such long trials, after calling for weeks, he had got those meetings arranged, it would be difficult to postpone them and arrange them again. He explained this to ABC and ABC finally agreed to allow Nathan to travel alone. He advised Nathan to take Shaun from our local office there along with him. He called up Shaun to apprise him of the same. 

Nathan spent the next few days with ABC and Patrick preparing presentations for the meetings next week. He would spend hours together with Patirck fine tuning them and finally agreed for a deck which he would use for all the presentations with colour combination changed to respective prospects’ corporate colours. This would give them a personal and known feeling during the presentation. Patrick and ABC seemed impressed and happy at Nathan’s hard work.

Nathan was so busy and excited for his first sales meeting and presentation that he didn’t have time to get anxious and think otherwise. With lot of positivity and hope, he set out for his new destination.


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