Monday, October 8, 2012

Nathan fights off in the corporate world

Nathan is back from his first sales meeting. Shanty chases him for updates; as if, there is a sale in the first meeting itself and he can quickly and easily claim it J Nathan replied saying ABC is asking for an update too (he tried his luck, though ABC haven’t asked anything by then), he will share everything ASAP. Shanty had nothing to say, except okay sure. Nathan smiled at himself and thought for a while, is he also getting succumbed to the fancies of ASAP? J Then he thought, whatever, it worked J and he took it easy.

Nathan sent the updates and seeing the promise of further meetings and some demo requests, ABC was impressed and offered a cup of coffee to Nathan. Nathan obliged and followed ABC downstairs to a coffee house. Nathan was so happy with just the both of them and Patrick joining for a hot cuppa. No sign of Shanty just elated him so much.

The discussion over coffee went off well. With both ABC and Patrick asking some details at each of the prospects Nathan visited. Nathan was so happy to give them details that he went on and on and told them everything, even the poor reactions from the prospects. They both advised Nathan of how to tackle them in future and what else he could have done.

After the discussion, Nathan felt so much at ease and was so happy to be working with both ABC and Patrick. He suddenly started liking this work and the place. The same place, which for the past few months had become so unfriendly, suddenly looked so nice and enjoyable.

Nathan’s moments of happiness were short lived as they reached office. Shanty was waiting in the wings demanding explanation on why wasn’t he informed about his meeting with ABC. It seemed to Nathan as if, he was his bonded labourer and he had to say and do what his master would say. For a moment, Nathan thought, he had had enough of this. He thought of requesting ABC for a change of reporting manager. He couldn’t bear the dealings of Shanty anymore and just couldn’t manage his antics. After pondering over this for a while, he decided against it, thinking, it is just working out for him and ABC seemed happy at his progress. It would be good if he does something more and then requests. That way, he would give no chance for ABC to reject his request.

It turned out to be good for Nathan, as over the next few weeks, he could arrange a few more meetings with key prospects and prepare well for the next presentations / demos for the previous ones. His product knowledge over the weeks, had improved a lot too and it was put to test with Shanty once fine day, asking for a product presentation to him.

This presentation went off really well and Nathan could answer most of the questions put forth by Shanty. Meanwhile, ABC came in between to check what was going on, and requested Shanty for updates, right in front of Nathan. This time, Shanty has no choice but to say the truth and answer in the affirmative for Nathan. ABC patted on Nathan’s back and went off.

Nathan continued the hard work and travelled frequently for meetings. On one hand, this gave immense satisfaction to Nathan and also to ABC that his selection is proving to be right. However, this seemed to make Shanty a bit insecure. It seemed that the thought of a junior taking the limelight from him, made him uneasy. He started keeping a very strong and strict vigil on Nathan’s work and travels. He questioned each and every small bit that Nathan felt being micro-managed and not being given the freedom to work.

The way ABC and Patrick used to discuss things with Nathan was completely opposite of the way Shanty was working with Nathan. ABC was very easy and gave him the ease and confidence of working and deal closure. While, Shanty would demean him at every step and question as if he was lying or doing something wrong. This continued for some time.

One weekend, Shanty was away travelling and called Nathan to come to office and showcase the solution over the web to him. Nathan requested to work from home, as he had everything on his office laptop and he could very well manage from home. Shanty refused and even got one more guy to accompany Nathan to office to make sure he visits office over the weekend. This really irked him. During the demo to Shanty, Nathan had to stop a few times, due to some problem with the system. Shanty said “You seem to have a problem, every time. It seems, you are not interested to work. Its better, you give everything to me, I will handle it.”

That was it, this time; Nathan had had enough of Shanty and his ways of working. He decided, he will finish things off well today and next day, speak to ABC and get his reporting manager changed.

Next day, as soon as ABC was in, Nathan went to see him. He spoke to ABC at length and discussed his challenge and problems. And finally managed to get ABC become his reporting manager. He came out of ABC’s room and felt so relieved. He suddenly felt victorious.

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