Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IPL controversy snowballs

Whatever happens to the current IPL related chants, we have to accept the fact that it indeed has taken cricket to a whole new world and given it a platform it deserved!

My two cents on the current IPL controversy

It all started with Modi spilling the beans on Kochi IPL stakeowners and especially One Sunanda Pushkar, whom former Minister, Shashi Tharoor is expected to marry soon (though this can take a back seat in the light of this controversy). I am not interested in knowing what is the role of Ms Pushkar in the franchise or what is her role vis-a-vis Mr Former Minister. Neither I am interested to know if Tharoor ever requested Modi not to disclose the owners and their stakes. What I am interested to know is what role actually the former minister enacted in the IPL franchise and was he truthful thus far? From the looks of it, it seems, he did have a role, may be some financial stake as well. If there had not been any role, why would the govtt. ask him to step down and cut a sorry figure in the eyes of the common man. As it is, the govtt, is already running short in respect to the rising prices, Women's bill, Telangana controversy (Thank God! it is not buring right now), Nucler liability bill, etc. If he was not at fault, why shuould the immensely popular and internationally acclaimed minister step down? I agree, since becoming minister last year, he has become controversy's favourite child, but still, I don't buy the argument that he was not at fault and still resigned for moral reasons or whatever.

What can we say about Mr Lalit Modi. From his resume, it seems, he has a penchant for the wrong! But, everytime he has come back strong and better equipped! I bilieve, this time would be no different either! He gave cricket and India something different and something to chear about! An internationally acclaimed brand worth billions within 3 years is something which not even top business houses could ever imagine. No investment, no business would have ever grown so popular in such a short timeframe. His marketing and selling acumen is there for all to see. But I bilieve, the immense popularity of IPL and that everyone wanted their share of the pie and to top it all the fact that he became the most saught after business man, celebrity created all the problems. Did success caught up with him? Did he started taking things for granted and treated everyone else with contempt? Did he manouvered around the law and regulations to help his business causes and his kith and kin? It seems answer to these questions may be a big Yes. His high handedness proved to be his unbecoming. We can't say anything for sure, but answer to many such questions would be interesting to know. I am sure, millions like me want to know these facts.

Another thing that bothers me is that why did our tax authorities, govtt and other agencies react to such happeneings? Why can't they be proactive? Why do they have to wait for some whistleblower to lift the lid? This time again, they joined late! Everyone knows these franchises, BCCI, IPL are all private bodies and hence they don't have to declare any financial or business information. Hence, they can easily play around. With millions at stake and numerous theories flying across about the financial status of the franchises over the internet and other media, it should have been reason d'etre for all such investigations. Nevertheless, better late than never!

Having said all this, I would be as interested to know the facts and outcome of the investigations as you and would be following the drama all over! I sincerely hope, none of the witnesses turn hostile and this one doesnt run into years as many have over the past :)
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